Golden Collection: Jokes

Freeware (unregistered) version of Golden Collection: Jokes contains more than 300 jokes (3000+ in registered full version) collected by Vesel during his 22-year career as an proffessional humorous writer and radio and TV entertainer. Registered version: hyper-indexed, 22 categories, 100 subcategories, full-text search, print or copy selected jokes, 100+ best WWW links to joke archives. Registration is $8.95.

WARNING: Some of these jokes contain foul language, sexual content and may be offensive to some so if you are under 18 or are easily offended then you should do not read this book.


Golden Collection: Super Umbrellas

Free Umbrellas is freeware version of Super Umbrelas - new gameplay philosophy Arkanoid/Breakout clone. Good Solitaire or Minesweeper alternative. Super Umbrellas features - two extra umbrellas, more than one blue balls, sound effects, save and load game, full screen/window modes, highscore list. Registration is $4.95.


Golden Collection: Color Mania Clipart

Color Mania Clipart Collection contains Color Mania Icons and Color Mania Backgrounds. Color Mania Free Icon Library contains 27 32x32, true color icons (201 icons in full registered Color Mania library) created by Vesel. Color Mania Free Backgrounds contains 26, true color backgrounds (247 backgrounds in full registered Color Mania Clipart Collection) created by V. The life is colorfull! Enjoy it! WARNING: It's highly recommended to colorize your desktop or web page now:) Registration of Color Mania Clipart Collection is $5.